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Present and past in Rome in a walk along the Roman Forum

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Rome retains many ancient monuments transmitting the glorious history of the past that revives every day under the eyes of those who live in the city or visit the Eternal City. 

Looking at the huge model of ancient Rome, that is located in the Museum of the Roman Civilization (Italian: Museo della Civiltà Romana), you may have an image of the city as it had developed in the late Imperial Age, also with no longer existing works.

However, while walking along the Roman Forum, the many engravings and remains that have come down to our day allow us to recognize some of the monuments and we can go back to their original grandeur through some fictive reconstructions at the tourist guides way.

In this walk through this time machine we can see:

Rome guided Tours- The Temple of Castor and Pollux, or the Temple of the Dioscuri, has been dedicated to the brothers Castor and Pollux, who helped the Romans at the Battle of Lake Regillus against the Etruscans and Latins. It is located near the fount of Juturna and here many times the Roman Senate convened. In this site the official weights and measures have been kept and banking transactions took place. Julius Caesar pleaded his famous agrarian reform just from the rostrum of this temple.

Roman Forum SKIP THE LINE Tour- The Basilica Julia, built by Julius Caesar in 46 BC, reconstructed by Augustus and later renewd in 416 AD, was the seat of the Centumviri Court and its chambers the civil cases were held while in the porch the trade of the money changes took place.



Skip the line Rome Tours- The Basilica of Maxentius and Constantine, founded by Maxentius in 306 d. C. in the same area where previously there were warehouses for the spices storage and processing  (Horrea Piperitaria) and finished by Constantine, was one of the greatest civil buildings of Imperial Rome and it is located near the Temple of Peace and the temple dedicated to Venus and Eternal Rome. Here justice was administered by the Prefect of the City , the most important of the public office and here the wrestling contests were held during the Olympic Games in Rome in 1960.

Skip the Line Colosseum Tours- The House of the Vestal Virgins, was the seat and residence of the Vestal Virgins, priestesses in charge of the supervision of the sacred fire kept always burning. It was located next to the temple of Vesta and was related to one of the oldest religions of Rome. Originally the Vestal Virgins were the king's daughters but later six girls between 6 and 10 years aged were selected among the patrician families and consecrated to the worship of the goddess. They had to be free of physical imperfections and they served for 30 years with the obligation of chastity. The penalty for the vestal virgin who was less to this rule was the death for being buried alive because the blood of the Vestal could not be spread , in an underground room in the field called "Field Scoundrel ." The accomplice was sentenced to death by flogging in the Comice. The legend says that Rhea Silvia, the mother of the founders of Rome raised by a she-wolf, Romulus and Remus, was just a vestal virgin. At the same time the Vestals had great privileges: they were not subject to the father’s authority, had immense prestige and financial resources, took reserved places in the shows and they were honored and revered in every public occasion . In the impressive investiture ceremony the girls head was covered with a white veil and a tiara.

Rome Skip the Line Tours- The Basilica Ulpia,built by Trajan,closes the northern side of the Forum that bears his name. In addition to the usual functions related to judicial activities and trade, the slaves relief took place a this basilica. As result of the excavations begun in 2001, a real hidden treasure has been discovered unearthing the largest floor in the Forum, made up of well-preserved slabs of shiny yellow, green and white marbles.

- The Forum of Caesar has been built by Julius Caesar in order to fulfill the promise made ​​before going to battle against Pompey the Great to dedicate a new temple to Venus Genetrix, the protector of the Julian family. At the center of the Forum there was an equestrian statue of Caesar with the front legs of the horse in the shape of human feet .

Rome Small Group Tours- The Arce Capitolina, or Arx in other words, pointed to the northern summit of the Capitol. Here the Auguri priests watched the flight of birds interpreting the will of the gods. On this hill the Temple of Juno Moneta was founded, in the place where now the church of Santa Maria d' Aracoeli stands.



Rome Skip the Line Visit -The "Tabularium" was another great building located near the Capitol. Ended in 78 BC, it was the archive of the official acts of the Roman Empire and it has originally been linked to the Roman Forum and the Capitol through a well preserved scale of 67 steps but at the time of Domitian the construction of the Temple of Vespasian blocked the entrance. Currently the Tabularium is part of the Capitoline Museums and it is accessible from the Lapidary Gallery .

When in Rome, if you want to deepen the topics here briefly narrated in these few lines you can take advantage of the small group guided tours proposed by Rome4all: this excursion in the Ancient Rome is just suggested in the tour of the Colosseum and the Roman Forum – skip the line 

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