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Painters at Trinita dei Monti Spanish Steps Rome

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The flight of steps of Trinità dei Monti (Spanish Steps), in addition to the Trevi Fountain, can be considered by all means, as one the most popular attractions in Rome.

This solemn staircase connects Piazza di Spagna to Trinità dei Monti along the steep slope of Pincio. These famous steps lead to the beautiful Church of Trinità dei Monti which there stands impressive togetherwith the Sallustian Obelisk from the Horti of Sallust. Such a flight of steps is made of a series of flights of 12 steps each, for a total of 138 steps. It is midway interrupted by a large terrace adorned by a balustrade from which the last two flights of stairs head towards the Belvedere of Piazza Trinità dei Monti. The beautiful view that can be enjoyed therefrom, is for sure one of the strong points to be recalled after a visit to the Eternal City.

Guided Tours RomeTerminated in the early years of 1700, the staircase has since then undergone a huge appreciation by the Romans and has always had a vibrant nightlife, often animated by traditional songs and dances. More recently, along the steps, together with the visitors, it was possible to meet female peasants in their picturesque ciociaro costume selling flowers, as well as models for painters.

In 1917 the great painter Picasso immortalized one of these female peasants in an oil painting that depicts a ciociara girl, one of those whom he often met on the steps of Trinità dei Monti during his stay in Rome. The bright colours, red, green and white, in point of fact just represent the ciociaro costume which was translated into his unmistakable cubist style.Rome Guided Tours

This custom eventually terminated with the prohibition of selling flowers on the steps. Such a tradition has however been currently and pleasantly revamped by the presence of azaleas which springtime, adorn and scent the entire staircase.

ThesSpanish Steps rentals Romee days young artists and portrait painters who display their works along the flight of steps, maintain a regular presence thereon, in search also of the magic inspiration of many painters of the past.  

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