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The Altar of the Fatherland Rome

Piazza Venezia Rome - the Spanish Steps - Vittoriano in Rome - Rome sightseeing tours -

Walking along the Ancient Rome you will see the Vittoriano, or National Monument to Victor Emmanuel II or Altar of the Fatherland.

That white building in Piazza Venezia which is visible from every viewpoint in the city is exactly the Vittoriano.

The monument has been built to commemorate the unification of Italy and its first king Vittorio Emanuele II. It was inaugurated on June 4,1911 by King Vittorio Emanuele III.

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The real meaning of this monument is represented by two inscriptions: " PATRIAE UNITATI "- " Civicum Libertati " that is to say:" the Unity of the Country " -"The Freedom of the citizens" - each one is at the bottom of the two chariots made by Carlo Fontana and Paul Bartolini.

The other statues are a symbol ​​of the Italian people civic values and they symbolize: the Strength, the Law, the Unity, the Action, the Thought, the Sacrifice. Other statues represent instead the sixteen regions and cities, capitals or maritime republics that are the core elements of the monument. These are the 14 cities represented: Ferrara, Turin, Urbino, Amalfi, Naples, Bologna, Florence, Genoa, Milan, Venice, Palermo, Pisa, Ravenna, Mantua.

Many symbols are engraved in the columns: the palm as victory, the oak as strength, the laurel as a value and victorious peace, the myrtle as sacrifice and the olive tree as peace and harmony.

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The huge Victorian equestrian statue of King Vittorio Emanuele II stands at the center of the square.

On either side there are also two fountains: the one on the left symbolizes the Adriatic Sea, facing east with the Lion of St. Mark and  the other one on the right side is the Tyrrhenian Sea with the she-wolf of Rome.

Today the Victorian is deSmall group Rome Toursdicated to the Unknown Soldier: on November 4, 1921, a soldier, whose name is unknown, was buried in representing all the soldiers who died in war.

A torch with an eternal flame burns permanently defended by guards of honor.

The Victorian is one of the most significant monuments of Rome. From the porch you can enjoy a magnificent view of the historic center, Piazza del Popolo and St. Peter's Square at the north side and the Roman Forum at the south side.

The Flags Shrine, the National Museum of the Italian Risorgimento and the Museum of the Vittoriano, which often hosts exhibitions of great importance, are located inside this monument.

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