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The Coliseum or the Flavian Amphitheatre Rome

Rome Coliseum | the Flavian Amphiteatre


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We would suggest to start the tour at the discovery of Rome, through its most significant monument: the Coliseum, or Colosseum, i.e. the symbol of the Eternal City.

The prophecy of the Venerable Beda says that “as long as the Coliseum stands, so shall Rome; when the Coliseum falls, Rome shall fall; when Rome falls, so falls the world”.

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The Coliseum, or the Flavian Amphitheatre, was built in 72 AD where there was the Domus Aurea (the magnificent palace of Emperor Nero), and it was terminated by Tito in 80 AD. The name derives from the adjacent huge statue of Nero, known as well as the Colossus of Nero. The chronicles tell us that the inauguration of the Coliseum lasted one hundred days.     

Looking at its Guided Tour to Colosseum Romewalls from outside, one will notice that there are three levels: the first one is constituted of 80 arches framed by Tuscan-Style Capitol half-columns, the second one by Ionic Capitals, the third one by Corinthian Capitals. 

Did you know that the arena of the Coliseum was covered by a tent?

In point of fact at the top it was built the “Velarium“, which was a very large piece of cloth in order to protect the spectators by the sun or by the rain. Such a piece of cloth was manoeuvred by specialized sailors according to the weather.

Tickets, pleColosseum Tours Romease! The entrances above the arches were indicated by sequence numbers (some of them are still visible), which were also reported on people’s cards, on the step’s numbers, as the tiers of seats were subdivided in accordance with social classes. The high sectors of the Flavian Amphitheatre were reserved for the populace, whilst at its centre there was the Emperor’s grandstand, then there were the knights’ seats and at the first sector, there were the senators’ seats, some of which - still today - show the senators’ name engraved thereon.  Women too, after having been invited by the Emperor, could follow the show from a sector specifically reserved for them.

“Panem et Circensis”: the shows. During the performances with wild beasts, a very large and heavy net was installed. Animals, gladiators’ armaments utilized in the fights, scenic paraphernalia were kept in the underground passages which are still visible through special holes in the pavement. The games originally had a religious character, but later on, Emperors in order to obtain people’s support through entertainment, started to organize shows amongst gladiators, or amongst gladiators and wild beasts. The Emperor could decide on the death or life of fighters by means of his thumb: if he raised it, that meant life, if he dropped it, that meant death. The spectators’ mood had considerable influence on Emperor’ decisions: when he wanted to gain their support he complied with their mood. During the Christians’ persecution, at the Coliseum it was possible to follow their martyrdom through cruel and spectacular pains.

The Coliseum has been damaged along the centuries by several earthquakes.

In 1719 the Coliseum was consecrated by Pope Benedict XIV with the erection of the Via Crucis’ Stations. In 1740 it was consecrated by Pope Pius IX to the Passion of Christ in order to recall the Christians’ Martyrdom by erecting a very tall Cross, still visible today. For this reason, on every year’s Holy Friday, the Pope runs through again the Via Crucis within the Coliseum.

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Abandoned after the Roman Empire’s end, stripped and deprived of its artistic beauties along the centuries, even transformed into a marble quarry, the Flavian Amphitheatre always stands as one of the most exciting monuments that human talent has ever built. Hence, in Lisbon on 07/07/2007 the Coliseum, together with other six exceptional sites, was defined as “the New Wonder of the World”. The date 07/07/2007 was not decided by chance, it was to imply the “New Seven Wonders”.   

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