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The Imperial Forums of Rome

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The huge archaeological site, known as “Fori Imperiali” or Imperial Fora, is an organic complex of public squares, temples and monuments constructed in Rome within an area bounded by the Capitoline Hill, the Colosseum and by the Quirinal Hill
The Forums were brought to new light between 1924 and 1932, during the works for a new main road named Via dell’Impero, today Via dei Fori Imperiali.
The Imperial Fora consist of:
-Forum of Caesar, 46 BC
-Forum of Augustus, 2 BC
-Temple of Peace,75 A.D.
-Forum of Nerva or Transitory Forum, 98 A.D.
-Forum of Trajan, A.D. 112-113
The archaeological ruins called Roman Forum are not included in the Imperial Fora.
In Ancient Rome the Forums represented the political, religious and administrative centre of the city.
At the end of Republican Age, Rome had become the capital of a vast Empire, so Julius Caesar built a new large Forum bearing his name as an extension to the Roman Forum.
Subsequently, other emperors added their own forum not just for practical reasons but also to make themselves appear in a more favorable light by freely spending money on public projects.
The Roman forums are now dazzling visitors by night too thanks to new lighting designed by three-time Oscar winner Vittorio Storaro.
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