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Trevi Fountain Rome

The Trevi Fountain in Rome | sightseeing tours rome | Trevi district in Rome | the city of water in Rome

The most beautiful and famous fountain in the Eternal City is located in the eponymous Trevi district, so called because its three main streets all converge in Piazza dei Crociferi, located beside Piazza di Trevi.
This is an area full of narrow streets, palaces, wonderful churches and archaeological finds.
Do you know that a few years ago, during the restoration works in the cinema now entitled to Alberto Sordi, an extensive excavation site has been discovered? It is called The City of Water (Italian: La Città dell'Acqua or Vicus Caprarius) and it is located right next to the Trevi Fountain, in vicolo del Puttarello and it is really worth a visit that will take you right back through the Rome history. Here you can see a popular building dating from the time of Nero, a huge 4th century aristocratic villa with beautiful statues and artifacts, a large cistern to collect the Acqua Vergine flowing into the Trevi Fountain and a few medieval buildings.
On the other hand, the whole area is full of archaeological remains giving the chance to visit the Eternal City from an unusual point of view, i.e. the Complesso dei Maroniti in via in Arcione. It is a large area with 3 Roman buildings divided by two roads, discovered by chance during some works in a parking lot.
And finally there is the Trevi Fountain, begun by Nicola Salvi in the early 1700s and completed by Giuseppe Pannini in 1762. The theme of this monument is the sea representing Ocean on a shells-shape chariot pulled by sea horses, led by tritons. Next to Ocean, the statues of Salubrity and Abundance give a touch of class to this fountain that is an example of perfect fusion between Baroque sculpture and architecture.
Habits and legends around the Trevi Fountain:
- A COIN INTO THE FOUNTAIN: it is said if you throw a coin over your right shoulder into the fountain you will return to Rome someday
-EVERLASTING LOVE: if a girl, whose beloved leaves for the military service or for work will be ensure his eternal love if she gives him a glass filled with water from the fountain, and after he drinks she breaks the glass, so that he’ll never forget about her.
- ACE OF CUPS: Do you see that big travertine vase at the right wall of the Trevi Fountain? It is said that the designer of the fountain built it in order to block the view from a barber shop, since the barber was continuing to interfere about the design.
- The LOVER'S FOUNTAIN: if the lovers drink together the water springing from the fountain, they will be faithful to each other for the rest of their lives.
The beauty of the Trevi fountain makes it one of the most popular and photographed monuments of Rome.
Who can forget the famous scene of Federico Fellini's "La Dolce Vita" starring Marcello Mastroianni and Anita Ekberg in the Trevi Fountain?
In the movie Totòtruffa 62 instead Toto, "the prince of laughter", tries to sell the fountain to a tourist, including all copyrights on the photos taken by other tourists leading to a series of misunderstandings and gags.
The music video of the famous song Thank You For Loving Me by Jonh Bon Jovi takes place in the Trevi fountain.
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