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Tour Rome in 2 Days - Christian Churches and Basilicas Walking Tour - religious tourism Rome - churches and basilicas of Rome Tour - VIP Tour Rome - Rome walking tour - Rome city tour - visit the ancient churches - Religious tours rome - What to see in Rome in two days - Best Christian Sites in Rome - 2-Day trip Itinerary

- Duration: Full day- Starting time: 10:00 AM- Guided visit to Churches and Basilicas of Rome- Admission tickets included

- Availability: Every day except public holidays- Available in the following languages: English, Spanish, Deutsch



Religious and art itineraries Rome: Ancient Churches and Basilicas and cultural landscapes of Christian art and religion in Rome.

Our guided tour begins near the Coliseum, inside the Basilica of Santo Stefano Rotondo, built on part of a Roman barracks where the roman troops had their lodgings; and find out the secrets of its undergrounds. We will visit the MITREO DEI CASTRA PEREGRINORUM: through the gate housed in one of the arches of Nero, you enter this church which is the oldest example of Christian circular building still existing in Rome.

We will continue visiting the church of S. Maria in Domnica, also known as Santa Maria alla Navicella, built on the Caelian hill and famous for its ornate mosaics.

In the afternoon we will visit the church of SS. Quattro Coronati, a medieval structure that still has its charm thanks to the crypt, the courtyards, the monastery, the ancient Cardinal palace and its invaluable Oratorio di San Silvestro, an extraordinary location, whose medieval style decoration is dedicated to the Emperor Constantine’s life; the Gothic Hall with its frescoes testimony of Gothic art in the city of Rome and chapels from which you access the Oratory of Santa Barbara.

This first day will end in the Basilica di S. Clemente, one of the most famous examples of how Rome was built on layers of buildings from different periods over the centuries. After admiring the extraordinary frescoes by Masolino, our guide will take you on a descent of about 20 feet through the undergrounds leading to the remains of the primitive basilica, itself built on an existing house, to finally reach the Mitreo, the themple for the cult of the god Mithras.

The morning of the second day of the tour is dedicated to the Trastevere churches, the most genuine district of Rome, which still preserves its popular charm and ancient relics still intact. The most ancient Basilicas are Santa Maria in Trastevere, on the famous square of the same name, the first Christian worship building in Rome and certainly the first dedicated to the worship of the Virgin Mary, and Santa Cecilia in Trastevere , Baroque architecture, built on the house of the young Christian martyr Cecilia and embellished with the sparkling frescoes by Cavallini.

In the afternoon you will visit the Basilica di S. Maria Maggiore, a real gem full of priceless masterpieces and one of the largest basilicas in Rome with original structures enriched with later additions. Do not miss the Historical Museum, which houses the most valuable objects of this Basilica, also known as the " Betlemme d’Occidente ", and the recently discovered underground, whose visit allow you to know the vast spaces of Roman houses of different ages from first century BC ; the fresco of the agricultural calendar and some evidence of Paleo-Christian Basilica. The tour will end visiting the church of S. Prassede and the church of St. Pudenziana , true artistic jewels full of golden Byzantine mosaics. The two churches are so rich in masterpieces and many artists devoted themselves to pay homage to the two Roman sisters, symbol of the heroism of the early Christians.
During both tours, if required, we will propose a few stops to enjoy some tastings in typical restaurants of the area. 

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Unusual and breathtaking views are included in the tour.


Cost: € 110.00 per person

Minimum 2 people

Time : 9:00/13:00 to 16:00 / 17:30

You'll visit 5 basilicas, 4 early Christian churches, including tickets to visit the underground

Meeting point: Rome Centre. Full details will be provided with the reservation voucher

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Price per person 110€
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