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Guided visit at the Circus of Maxentius Rome

Appia Antica Roma Tour | Rome Tours and sightseeing 


Guided Tour Circus of Maxentius - Sightseeing In Rome Italy - Route to Appia Antica park - The Appian Way Sightseeing Tour - Best Attractions in Rome - Circus Maxentius Tour - Ancient Rome Tours - Appia Antica Itinerary 


- Duration: 2 H- Starting time: Every hour from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM

- Availability: Every day except Monday and public holidays

Would you like to enjoy an exciting experience in an enchanted place of the Ancient Rome? Along the Via Appia Antica you can join a guided tour to a spectacular and uncrowded archaeological area, inside the Parco Archeologico Appia Antica, where the extraordinary villa of Maxentius rises. He contrasted with Constantine the Great and, before suffering the defeat of the Milvian Bridge in 312 AD, asked to build a sumptuous residence, a mausoleum and even a circus for the shows.

The Circus of Maxentius is well preserved and it is the second largest circus in Rome: 520 meters long and 92 meters wide and could accommodate up to 10,000 people; it was intended to host the chariot races, a show really loved by Romans. Even today you can see the towers whose mechanism raised the starting gates to allow the chariots to race down the track, and shrouded in the enchantment of this majestic place you can still imagine the procession of athletes, the dance of the musicians, the parade of the patricians on horseback or on foot and even the rituals of the races.

The magnificent panorama of the Via Appia Antica, near the Mausoleum of Cecilia Metella, and the atmosphere that instills an almost surreal tranquility, make you live a truly unforgettable experience.

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Cost € 45 per person, tickets and guide included

Minimum 2 people

Duration: 3 H

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Price per person 45€
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