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Family Tour: Ostia Antica and the beach

 - Duration: Full day- Starting time: 10:00 AM- Fun Ostia Tour designed for kids and families

- Availability: Every day except Monday and public holidays/ Available in the following languages: English, Spanish, Deutsch

This exciting excursion to the excavations of Ostia Antica shows one of the best preserved Roman colonies in the world. We will enter the ancient city, through the Via Ostiense, walking along the houses, the shops of the ancient Romans, the ancient osterie (taverns), reaching the theater, and finally the Baths and the Forum. Our young guests can truly experience the atmosphere of an extraordinary place, listening to our guide’s explanation in a simple and fascinating way.

After the tour of Ostia Antica, you can spend a beautiful day at the sea, in one of the best private bathing club in Ostia: clean sand, umbrella, deckchair and beach lounger booked for you, boutiques, solarium, baby garden for younger guests, and of course a wide soft sandy beach with several beach tennis and beach volleyball courts. The friendly atmosphere and the entertainment program will delight your stay with many activities: sports, dance, yoga and playing cards, with particular attention to young visitors and families. The bar, restaurant and cafeteria are located inside the bathing establishment.

The Ostia bathing establishments close at 06.30 PM.

The way back to the hotel will be in complete autonomy and our partner will provide all the useful information if needed.

Contact us and we will get back to you shortly! 
Livechat: rome4all (Skype)
WhatsApp​:​ +39 3248638786

The cost € 73.00 per person (minimum 2 adults +2 children) includes: 

• tickets for the archaeological area + a licensed guide (children are free)

• tickets for the bathing establishment for 4 people + umbrella deckchair and beach lounger

• entertainment service is included

Transportation is not included; transfer Rome/Ostia Antica excavations/bathing establishment need to be arranged.

 - Duration: Full time - Starting time: 10:00 AM - 
- Availability: Every day except Monday from June 1st until September 30th

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Price per person 73€
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