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Guided visit in Trastevere the genuine essence of Rome

- Duration: 2 H - Starting time: 6:00 PM -Trastevere walking tour

- Availability: Every day except public holidays  / Guides available in the following languages: English, Spanish, Deutsch 

Trastevere district, with its historic alleys and surprising squares, reveals the most authentic face of Rome and the ancient beauty of one of the areas of the Eternal City that still keeps its lively and popular nature.

The Ponentino (the famous pleasant roman breeze), the roman folk songs and the tales of the ghosts of Trastevere will make your walk extremely intriguing!

Holiday Rome Walking tour TrastevereOur guided tour begins in Piazza Trilussa, dedicated to the famous poet Trilussa, with the panoramic view from Ponte Sisto, rebuilt by Pope Sixtus IV in 1475 on the ruins of an ancient Roman bridge. Then we walk along some streets with curious names, reminiscence of the trades carried out by the corporations: Via dei Pettinari, where the craftsmen created combs in ivory for hair and in wood for linen and silk; Vicolo dell'Atleta, where a beautiful Roman statue, now housed in the Vatican Museums, has been discovered at the beginning of the nineteenth century, via dei Librari with the magnificent church of Santa Barbara dei Librari, built by the ancient families of booksellers; Via dei Vascellari, where craftsmen manufactured and sold terracotta vases, Via dei Genovesi, in memory of the community of Genoese sailors who did their businesses in the Trastevere district and founded their church S. Battista dei Genovesi with a hospital reserved for them.

Rome Holiday Trastevere walking tourDuring our itinerary we will also see the most important squares in Trastevere: Piazza Campo dé Fiori, famous all over the world, which owes its name to the beautiful Flora, the woman loved by Pompeo , the sworn enemy of Julius Caesar, Piazza de ' Mercanti, offering one of the most fascinating view of Rome with its palaces entirely covered with ivy, Piazza Farnese, with the imposing building that actually hosts the French Embassy, Piazza Santa Maria in Trastevere, with the wonderful Basilica of Santa Maria in Trastevere which stands on the site where, in 38 B.C., a mineral oil gushed out of the ground, the mysterious "fons olei", interpreted by Christians as a sign of God’s grace would soon flow into the world (the point where the gush came out is still indicated on a step just below the altar), Piazza Sant'Egidio, housing the Museum of Rome in Trastevere, with a collection of prints, drawings, paintings and watercolours on the daily roman life.

During this walk we will tell you all the stories and anecdotes lying behind each stone and each corner of Trastevere. Did you know that in ancient times only the bridge called Sublicio was the one connecting the Trastevere area to the powerful Rome?

A stop at the Jewish ghetto will finally show you how the ruins of ancient Rome are blending with the Jewish architecture.

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Suggested starting time for the tour: from 6,00 PM onwards

Duration: about 2 hours

Meeting Point: Rome Centre. Full details will be provided at the booking confirmation.

Minimum 2 people

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Rome holiday Trastevere guided tour

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