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Things to Do in Rome Papal Audience tickets and delivery

Papal audience tickets collection

Papal audience ticket delivery - Papal audience ticket collection and delivery- tickets for papal audience rome 


If your stay in Rome includes also a Wednesday, you might consider the possibility of attending a Papal Audience. 

Pope Francis meets faithful and groups of pilgrims every Wednesday at 10:30 AM and imparts his blessing to all.

The General Audience of the Pope takes place in the Sala Nervi (Aula Paolo VI) or, depending on the number of the faithful and weather, in St. Peter's Square (Piazza San Pietro) in the Vatican City.

To participate at a Papal Audience on Wednesday morning or any other papal events, you need to have the invitation.

Papal audience ticket collection: Rome4all is at your disposal to collect and deliver the tickets. It is possible to receive the tickets directly at your accommodation (hotel, Bed and Breakfast, apartment) in the centre of Rome or directly in St. Peter's.

Important: the tickets for Pope's audience are free!

We take care to collect and deliver the tickets! So you will not waste any of your holiday time having to queue for the tickets the day before or on the morning itself. We'll do this for you!

Service TOTAL cost for the delivery (not per ticket):  Euro 40 (home or hotel delivery in central Rome).

If your hotel is outside the center of Rome, please contact us for a quote.

Tickets are always emitted by the Vatican on Tuesday afternoon before the audience day and therefore their delivery can be made from that time.

In case of cancellation of the Papal audience, the cost will be refunded.

The tickets are free of charge but availability is limited and it is therefore best to book them fairly in advance.

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